Handling and storage of ammonia solution used for NOx control

As a world leader in ammonia production and handling, Yara has developed storage solutions for ammonia solution that are designed to optimize the storage area at your disposal.

  • The horizontal tank that can be installed where height restrictions apply
  • The vertical tank that allows a large storage capacity on a reduced surface area

Our storage and handling solution :

  • • is easy to use and requires only minimal operational training as it is simple to install and maintain
  • • avoids the use of a complicated buffer system often used in other storage systems
  • • minimizes emissions to the air and avoids any product spills on your site or its surroundings
  • uses a pressurized unit, if necessary. This solution takes into account the variation in pressure due to gas expansion/contraction and the vapour pressure of the product
  • is designed in accordance with EN-12952-14: 2004