How to prepare for working at site

Read the below listed instructions for companies and the company workers. The forms provided here must be carefully filled in and delivered to Yara before commencing any work at the site.

COMPANIES: Minimum requirements

1. Obligations and assurance under the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (1233/2006)

  1. Each company must join the Trusted Partner service (, from which Yara can obtain reports and monitor up-to-date information on the fulfilment of obligations under the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (1233/2006).
    • In the event that a contractor or service provider cannot use the Trusted Partner service, it must provide the clarifications required by Act 1233/2006 in accordance with Appendix 14 (Word) >> to the Yara representative in charge of commercial matters.
  2. Yara requires its contractors and service providers to have a €2,000,000 liability insurance policy, which is to be submitted to the person responsible for the commercial aspects of the contract.
  3. Foreign contractors must meet the following requirements.
    In addition to this, foreign companies must have the following: 
    • An official representative in Finland, if the company does not have a fixed office in Finland
    • Foreign companies must designate a representative for posted workers, if the work exceeds ten working days within four months.
    • A posted worker’s certificate for posted workers (A1 or E101 certificate)
    • Third-country nationals must present a residence permit and the information required to reside in the country (a passport copy, an account of the terms of employment, and an A1 or E101 form).
    • An occupational health care agreement for Finland
    • An electronic notification to the occupational safety authority on the posting of workers to Finland

Furthermore, persons working at the work site must have a photo ID card that indicates their name, employer and Finnish tax number.

More information about Act 1233/2006 (link) >>

More information about applying for a tax number for a foreign worker (link) >>

2. Information obligation related to construction; Yara Siilinjärvi is a construction site

In order to fulfil the obligation to provide information in the context of construction and as required by the tax administration, the contractor must enter and continuously update the employee information in the Zeroni service system. A contractor contact person will receive user rights to the Zeroni system in order to fill in its employee information, as well as their subcontractors with their employee data. The documents required by tax administration must be submitted to Yara before the employee data can be added. An access key can only be given to a person whose information can be found in Zeroni. More details on entering the requisite information in the service are provided in Appendix 14 (Word) >>.

If you don't have user rights to Zeroni, please contact Yara Finland procurement, contact information can be found on front page (Contractor management, contracts) >>

3. Approval for subcontractors

If the contractor intends to use subcontractors at the work site, they must be presented to Yara for approval by filling in Appendix 14.4 (Word) >>. The form must be sent to the person responsible for the commercial aspects of the contract. If the subcontractor in question is approved, a message stating so will be sent as a response.

4. Access control and annual turnarounds

Companies are required to make sure that all employees in Zeroni system are reported to the right working sites. Contractors working at the site during normal operation time must ensure that their employees are reported also to turnarounds.

Turnarounds 2024:

  • Phosphoric acid plant, sulphuric acid plant
  • Mine

In addition, it must be checked from Zeroni that each employee has the necessary induction and occupational safety card training completed and valid. Zeroni reports deficiencies.

Employees pick up the access keys personally at the main gate. A photo ID card (employer's ID card) must be presented at the gate. The keys can be picked up on weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, at other times you must contact the guard, tel. +358 50 313 0101.

Once the work is complete, the keys must be returned to the designated place at the gate.

5. Vehicle access permit

From 1 January 2024, vehicle permit applications will be made in Zeroni. Only an approved application entitles a vehicle in the area. NOTE: Short-term vehicle permits are also applied for in Zeroni.

6. Work safety plan

Contractors and service providers must provide a work safety plan no later than two weeks before commencing work at the Siilinjärvi site to the Yara representative responsible for annual turnaround (contact details on the front page for annual turnaround >>). The buyer may also require a separate risk analysis, which must be prepared using Yara’s risk analysis template:


COMPANY EMPLOYEES: Minimum requirements and safety training

  1. Valid national occupational safety card
  2. ID card with
    • a photo
    • registered Finnish tax number
    • employer details
  3. Valid identification
  4. Valid safety training
    • The protection measures for annual turnaround will be reviewed in the online outage orientation held before the annual turnaround. The orientations must always be completed before arriving at the site. The learning environment must be used to complete the normal orientations and the annual turnaround orientations required of each respective worker.
    • Please note that each training is valid for one year at a time! Each worker must ensure the validity of their own safety training for the duration of the work. Please make sure that the workers print out a certificate from their profile to bring with them to the site.
    • Instructions for the learning environment (PDF) >> 
    • Safety orientations to be completed online (link) >>